Sherman Unkefer

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The secret is Sherman ’s success system. Sherman is the president of X-1, LLC and his efforts together with this marketing system has built X-1, LLC to the # 1 earning XanGo distributorship in the world.

Joining Sherman ‘s X-1 team and keying into his system has built many, many millionaires. The account X-1, LLC which Sherman operates earns a 6-figure income MONTHLY and millions per year!

In the early 1980′s, Sherman became fascinated by the concept of Network Marketing. After studying the industry in depth, he realized that it made sound business sense and provided a legitimate and exciting opportunity for those seeking financial independence. However, he didn’t want to be like the 95% of people who aren’t successful in Network Marketing, so he developed this amazing system.

Now X-1, LLC has groups in over 34 countries where Sherman travels 350,000 miles a year teaching Sherman ’s foolproof system to build six and seven figure incomes. A system to build huge networks is useless if you don’t have the right company to build with, and Sherman believes XanGo is the best company the MLM industry has ever seen!

Over the past 20 years Sherman has been developing and perfecting the X-1 proven system for massive success and huge incomes and the best part is that ANYONE can do it! Sign up today for more information and you will learn the secret to amazing success!


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