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Sherman Unkefer – We Should Honor Anne Frank

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“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how
great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential

                                                                                       ~ Anneliese Marie Frank
                                                                                          1929-1945, German Jewish Refugee and Diarist

The world knew her as  Anne Frank.  You may have read her book or seen the movie about her life in The Diary of Anne Frank. This teen-age girl who hid in an attic to escape the horror that the Nazi’s inflicted upon her race  still believed in “life”, had hopes and dreams, and in spite of, or maybe because of, her confined and terrifying circumstances, she still thought about her potential,
and the potential of others around her.  She didn’t let the grim circumstances suffocate her, she looked beyond them and into a future she could create in her mind, a future that was happy, fulfilling, exciting and filled with promise.  She could have sat in misery and dread, imagining the fearful things that could befall her – and eventually did.  But the little glimmer of light she brought to others around her and to herself created a precious happiness that could never been found in misery.

The sad thing is that she never reached her potential because she died in a concentration camp while still a teen-ager.  No cell phone, no MTV, no trips to the mall, no proms or trips to the beauty parlor. No first date, or Sweet Sixteen Party. Yet to this very day, more than a half a decade after her death, her words still reach out, still encourage others to rise above their circumstances, to continue to Dream, to remove the self-imposed barriers we set for ourselves, to nudge us on to push ourselves to accomplish even more than we had dared to dream and discover what our potential truly is.  And, in that way, Anne Frank HAS accomplished even more than she herself dreamt she could.  She sounds Hope’s clarion.

Have you ever encountered a roadblock in your life? In the building of your Xango business? Have you had to deal with personal challenges?  Welcome to the club called Life!  There will always be challenges in life, whether it’s in work, sports, health, family or relationships.  I think Challenges come into our lives to test and reveal to ourselves the depth of our commitment and dedication to whatever area of our lives our challenges appear.  Do challenges make you turn and run away?  Too bad, because you will never know what lies on the other side of that roadblock before you and what you desire.  Do you rise above the challenges and go around or over the roadblocks and continue keep your eyes on the Bigger picture?  Then you are the type of person Sherman and I have identified as the Leaders in our organization and in XanGo.  You are there for the long-haul, you
have the ability to dream and to not let anything stand between you and the goals you have set.  David Butler, during a training he did last year at our Event-After-The-Event said he avoids complainers and whiners.  Why? Because whiners and complainers never stop whining and complaining.  When you think you’ve solved their problem, before you know it, they have another problem.  It saps your energy, it makes you lose focus.  I’m not saying that David and Sherman and I for that matter, don’t respond to our Distributors needs or help them with legitimate challenges, but I am saying that there are people in the world who are negative, who apparently would rather get negative attention than to work and build their organization.   Look for positive, upbeat people who are problem-solvers, not problem-makers, or problem-dwellers.

Welcome to Curtis and Shirley Watts! Curtis and Shirley Watts are our two newest personally sponsored Distributors.  I had a meeting with Shirley and since she is new to our industry, I gave her some advice on how to approach Prospects.  Here’s the advice that I gave to Shirely:

  • Look for people you enjoy being around.  These are the people you will be working with most closely as you build your organization.  They will be members of your Key Team.
  • Look for people who are serious about changing their circumstances, or who have the savvy to understand a phenomenal business opportunity when one comes across their way.
  • When you first approach your Prospects, say: I am going to build a business.  I’m going to decide what I’m worth and not what worth someone else assigns me financially.  I can’t afford the thousands and thousands
    of dollars it would take to even open a little candy store, but what I am going to do is build something that with hard work and dedication will be far more profitable and less confining than a candy store.  And it’s only going
    to cost me $35 and $200 worth of product.  This product will become the seeds that will lead to my harvest.  I won’t get rich overnight, but give me a few months and I believe I can outearn what I’m earning right now.  Not only that, but I predict that my income will continue to grow month after month!
  • I have a cd, it’s called the Magic Wand because, well, it works like Magic!  People who listen to this usually want to go into business, too.
  • I’m looking for some very special people to be on the Team I’m developing.  I want YOU to be on my team because I respect your work ethics, I respect the person that you are and I know that you and I have the potential to build something really significant.
  • I’d like you to commit to listening to the cd within the next 48 hours.  If you can’t commit to that, I won’t loan you the cd right now because I have others who I’d like to be on my Team and I want to be able to let them hear the cd.
  • After they have committed to listening to the tape, and going through other material you might have given them, such as the Doctors’ Choice newspaper, be certain to call them 48 hours later.  They actually might even call you before that.  Have an application ready and sign them up!  If they can afford to order two cases of product, encourage them to do so because it will pay off in greater Fast Start Weekly checks than if they only order one case of product.
  • Locate meetings in your area.  Attend them and try to have a guest with you each time you go.  Have your new Distributor sign up for our newsletter so that they know where the meetings are being held around the country and around the world! 
  • Attend Corporate Events.  Meet the Founders of this Great Company called XanGo!  You’ll be glad that you did, they are the BEST! 
  • Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to your XanGo business.  If you spent just one hour a day recruiting, five days a week, being consistent, you would build an enormous downline! 
  • Call in to the Sixteen Weeks to Premier Weekly Call (information below)
  • If you need help, go to your upline and they will be happy to help you and train you.  Do the same for your downline.
  • Repeat the above process over and over and you will have something far more profitable and significant than the largest “candy store” on the block!

Be Consistent, Persistent, be Bullet-proof about our fine and unique product, be Committed, be a Leader, Share the stories, and Share the Juice!

Sixteen Weeks To Premier Weekly   Call:  9:00 AM Pacific Time 620-584-8235 pin 21437#
I was on the call this morning and as the call began to fill up Distributors from every corner of the world were
signing on! They received the news about the Summer Thunder 90-Day Blitz of Focus, Persistence and Power enthusiastically!

Don’t miss this exciting weekly call that always features a XanGo Distributor who has made tremendous strides
in building their XanGo organization….a lot to learn from,  and a lot of information to inspire you!!


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being shared around the world.  That’s a lot of people enjoying and being blessed by the product.  That’s a lot of people whose lives are changing because they have taken control over their financial future!  Got Tools?  No?  Get yours today at

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Europe Order Form

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Click the link below that says “Europe Order Form-Click Here” to fill out exactally what you would like in your order. Then just fax it to 1-480-951-5952 or e-mail the information to

Europe Order Form- Click Here


The Magic Wand System in Pre-Launch for Europe!


The Magic Wand System in the United States grew rapidly to be and is still the undisputed recruiting tool in XanGo. In the United States over 3 million copies of the Magic Wand have been sold and through the efforts of the Magic Wands being circulated the #1 income earning account was born. The distributorship Sherman Unkefer is the President of X-1, LLC has topped 650,000 distributors in its downline thanks to the duplication model behind The Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand in Europe is now in

  • English,
  • French “La Baguette Magique”
  • Spanish/Castellano “La Varita Mágica”

Our operations team has worked diligently to get great shipping prices on these very affordable packages availilbe in this pre-order status at the European Blast in Malaga, Spain.

We will be taking forms and shipping will be done in Europe direct to:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Russia

Be sure to pick up your order form at the event and get it to the registration desk!

For more information on the Magic Wand in Europe please comment below


Sherman Unkefer Targets Senior Corporate Executives in Recruitment Campaign


SCOTTSDALE, AZ, September 10, 2010 /– In a bold move calculated to accelerate the market lead of network marketing giant XanGo over competitors, Sherman Unkefer unveiled today plans to target senior executives of every major industry group in America as potential recruits. Such an audacious claim could not be taken seriously, were it not for the fact that its author, Mr. Unkefer, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the trust Sherman’s late wife founded, became the number one earning account at XanGo in February, 2003. The organization now boasts 650,000 distributors in a network that literally straddles the globe with a presence in 35 countries.

“Just a few short years ago, senior executives of major corporations and institutions would have looked down their noses, or laughed at us, but that’s all changing,” Mr. Unkefer says, “and we have the government to thank for that. The government has become so intrusive that ‘free market’ has almost become an oxymoron.”

Unkefer speaks with quiet conviction as he tells us there is a growing consensus among those close to the front lines of our economy that we are not in a recovery, and have not been in a recovery. “This recession goes very, very deep, and it is going to last a very long time,” Unkefer continues. “At a time when there is deepening distrust of our institutions of government and finance, some very smart people are now willing to look at less traditional ways of doing business,” he says. This includes CEOs and other high ranking officers of large corporations. They have highly developed professional skills, and are looking for ways to maximize their earnings, but with integrity and reliability. “More and more of these talented executives are going to look seriously at the entrepreneurial opportunities we offer, as they come to realize that network marketing is perhaps the last bastion of real capitalism in America. And these people are going to look at XanGo as an innovative business model that allows for explosive growth in an otherwise strangled economy.”

The Trust that Sharon Unkefer founded is planning major expansion globally, and is already recruiting the best minds available to lead the way. “We are looking at executives of every major industry group; retailing, manufacturing, insurance, banking, services. We are looking for those who feel disenfranchised, but for all the right reasons. We are looking for those who seek unfettered opportunity, and the freedom to go at something with great passion, and without their hands tied behind their backs. We have it for them. Especially in this economy, our business plan makes much more sense. We appeal directly to their business sense. They’ll come.”

“Corporate misconduct and government expansion of power has led to wide disillusionment among talented executives. We see that as a great opportunity to interest them in entrepreneurship and freedom,” says Sherman Unkefer. Any who wish to contact him can do so through his corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ at 888-729-5286.


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